Analyses and management of risks

18 october 2013

In a context characterized by growing uncertainty, enterprises are always more exposed to risks of a diverse nature (financial, the market, environmental , etc.) and for this reason it becomes more strategic to be able to count on a company system for the management of risks which is constantly updated.

The UNI ISO  31000:2010 regulation states: “Organizations of all types and dimensions find themselves confronting factors and internal and external influences that render uncertain the achievement of their proper objective. The risk is the effect that these uncertainties have on the objectives of the organization.”


With our methodology, coherent with the ISO 31000 regulation, we support the Internal Auditing function for all types of risks (Country,  market, reputation, community, processes, etc.), through:

  1. Risk Assessment of the processes, individualization and classification of the risks, analyses and definition of those with priority;;
  2. Risk Control, that is the definition of strategies and planning of activities for the management and control of risks;
  3. Monitoring  the onset of new risks.


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