Analyses of Value

18 october 2013

According to the data of the Eco-Innovation Scoreboard composite index, calculated by the ’ Eco-Innovation Observatory promoted by the European Commission, Italy is positioned below the European average , base 100, with a score of 91,7. The index takes into consideration the investments realized by the enterprises and by the State aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

To mitigate environmental impacts normally involves costs and investments which are fairly easy to calculate the amounts but it is difficult to estimate the benefit in terms of an increase in the value of the company.

Applying  VEP model - Value vs Environmental Performances, patented  by RGA, we are able to express in a quantitative manner the variation of the value of the company that derives from the realization  of interventions  for improving the social-environment.


This analysis is therefore useful when we want to :

  • valuate the opportunity to realize interventions for  improving  the social environment;
  • confront the value of two or more diverse solutions;

confront the environmental services  of two companies or the situation of the same company in diverse  moments (for example before and after the realization of specific interventions).