Assessment of Corporate Responsibility

18 october 2013

The realization of an (CSR) Assessment is the essential phase for the development of a Sustainability strategy in that it permits identifying the existing strong points, the area for improvement and the key risks regarding sustainability (CSR)

During the course of the years we have put together diverse methodologies of assessment that are coherent with the diverse cultures of sustainability present in companies.

After the launching of ISO 26000 we realized numerous interventions based upon a specific methodology for measuring the extent to which the activities already realized by companies respond to the expectations expressed in the Guidance.


The  ISO 26000, applicable to any organization, is a voluntary guidance to Social Responsibility. It contains a classification of the CSR themes, each of which identifies the significant questions (“issues”) and the actions necessary “actions required”. It constitutes, therefore, an important point of reference for  organizations to verify their level or maturity in the area of social responsibility and from which they can define their strategies and plans of sustainability.


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