18 october 2013

The Fourth Report of the Institute of Internal Auditors highlights that the work world is becoming increasingly complex due to new and emerging risks, also of a regulatory nature.. For a proper management of specialized regulations requires a competence that not all enterprises can have within their organizations, without considering the burden versus the stakeholders of a verification by a third party.

An audit is a verification of conformity, that is an investigation to ascertain , on the basis of objective evidence, the correspondence between a reality  and determined regulatory references (for example, laws, regulations, procedures).


For our clients we have performed over 200 audits to date, both of second and third parties, according to diverse references:

  • audits of  di conformity  with respect to mandatory regulations,  laws, jurisprudence, authoritative and voluntary  (on matters regarding environment, health and safety in the work place and relevant accidents);
  • audits of conformity with respect to  voluntary regulations  (ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation, ISO 18001, UNI-INAIL regulations, sector  Guidelines , ISO 9001);
  • audits of funds for  environmental liabilities and costs reported  in financial statements (for valuation of opportunity and congruity with respect to the environmental risks of the organization).


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