Cause Related Marketing

18 october 2013

Cause Related Marketing is an efficient strategy for the positioning of a company.
From a research by Edelman in 2012 conducted on 8.000 consumers, it results that 76% of the sample (33% over 2010) retain that it is proper that companies sustain beneficial projects, even if trying to obtain a financial profit from the same.

Cause Related Marketing consists of  pursuing commercial objectives and furnishing, at the same time, a contribution to a social cause that can  sustain the brand positioning and assist in reaching the  commercial and communication objectives.

Thanks to our specialized competences , we have already carried out about ten or more projects on sustainability initiatives of Cause-Related Marketing (CRM).


Our methodology in this area permits  the ethical positioning  of the integrated trademark with the marketing strategies and objectives  of the company.  We support the client also in the selection of the non-profit  subject with whom to establish a partnership  with reciprocal  satisfaction.


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