Corporate Philanthropy

18 october 2013

From the CECP 2012 Report (Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) which analyses the philanthropic attitude of over 200 large companies in the world, it results that in 2011 circa 20 billion dollars were donated and that 60% of the companies considered donated more in 2011 compared to 2009.
To be truly efficient, this enormous amount of investment s necessitates a strategy.

We have over 10 years of experience  in the field of planning and management of the philanthropy of enterprises that permits us to support the enterprises  in optimizing their results to the advantage both of the beneficiaries and the organization which donates financial resources or competences , in a coherent manner with its own   strategy of sustainability.

Our methodology aligns the charity  with the vision, the mission, and the company objectives by defining a policy,  predisposed by the guidelines, for the selection of projects and supporting the  implementation  of the initiatives  and the monitoring of the results.

We also have competences in  fundraising  and a network of relationships  with Italian and International non-profit organizations.