Due diligence

18 october 2013

In Europe we estimate that there are 3.5 million of contaminated sites, of which 500,000 effectively to be reclaimed (“Progress in management of contaminated sites” European Environmental Agency Report, August 2007). Of these circa 15.000 are located in Italy with estimated costs of 25-30 billion of euro. Costs that can significantly reduce the value of company assets.

In case of extraordinary operations, such as mergers,  stock market listings  or sales, the companies are subject to a due diligence  that is, accurate verifications on the part of experts for estimating properly their value.

In 15 years of experience we have effected  circa 70 due diligence engagements for our clients.

We offer interventions of two types:

  • environmental due diligence, that focalizes on risks, liabilities and manifest or latent violations  of environmental regulations;
  •  health and security due diligence, that evidences  the costs for the restoration of contaminated  soil and sub-soil or to adapt the installations vehicles or work places to current regulations  or to standards imposed by the competition, the parent company or  affiliated companies.


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