Environmental restoration

18 october 2013

For the restoration of the ILVA plant of Taranto the Monti government, in 2012, set aside 336 million Euro. One year and one government later by the To Do Decree issued by the Letta government, the cost for the restoration of the ex Falk area of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) was reduced form 430 to 280 million di Euro, due to the effect of a diverse formulation of the environmental regulations. , It is on investments of such dimension on which on which it is possible to count upon in order to optimize the restoration strategies.

In Italy the restoration picture on matters of site restorations is regulated by Decree Law  of 3 April 20 06  “Regulations on environmental matters” Part IV – Title V-Restoration of contaminated site.

This decree disciplines the interventions on environmental restorations  of contaminated sites and defines the procedures , the criteria, and the modalities for carrying out the necessary  operations  to eliminate the sources of the contamination and therefore for the reduction of the concentrations  of contaminating substances, in harmony with the principles and community regulations with particular reference to the principle of” who contaminates should pay”.


We have over ten years of experience  in assisting on environmental restoration   and, thanks to group with multidisciplinary competences, we are in a position to render complete support for the restoration of the soil and subsoil that include:

  • management of potential  criticality for those structures or installations in which there exist  elements of criticality that could compromise  the status of the environment;
  • assessment and environmental investigations, by collection organization and analyses of existing data , the execution of specific investigations and monitoring in the field of the principal environmental matrix;
  • managing and monitoring the contaminated sites, projection and handling of interventions  placed in emergency security,  operative or permanent, characterization and analyses of risk,  study and monitoring of the levels of contamination  on the diverse  environmental matrixes with the support of GIS systems, site management, technical—administrative support and all’inter authorization;

restoration of the contaminated sites, projection  of interventions  for restoration with application or the best methodology  and technology both on the site and ex-siteologie e tecnologie sia in situ che ex-situ. Supportiamo, inoltre, attività di ingegneria, di base e di dettaglio, di procurement e di gestione integrata dei procedimenti.