Management system in conformity with voluntary regulations

18 october 2013

Between 2003 and 2007 the certifications pursuant to the ISO 9001 regulation increased by circa 70%, then remaining constant up to date in that the companies began to develop management systems in conformity with the other schemes of reference such as those environmental (14001) and for security in the work place(18001) that are still in continual increase. In particular, the certifications pursuant to the OHSAS 18001 regulation have increased in a significant manner beginning in 2009, reaching in 2013 a value of circa 5 times those of 2003. This explains the insertion of a criminal charge for security in the work place in the legislative dictates of Decree Law 231/01, which is determining the same phenomenon on the environmental certifications, with the most recent introduction even of such crimes.

The Japanese approach of the Kaizen, the basis of all the management systems, foresees the renovation in small steps, with continuity. By encouraging each person to bring about small change each day we obtain a process of continuous improvement of the entire organization.


In 15 years of experience we have realized over 200 management systems that conform to diverse voluntary regulations, eventually also integrated among themselves:

  • environment (ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation);
  • health and security in the workplace (OHSAS 18001);
  • quality (ISO 9001);
  • energy (ISO50001).


By adopting a management system permits:

  • monitoring the  processes and results;
  • improving the efficiency and the services;
  • increasing the value of the organization;
  • reinforcing the image of the organization and its competiveness.


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