Mapping, analyses and improvement of the processes

18 october 2013

In a context characterized by intense changes it is fundamental to have a clear vision of the practices of an organization and to confront them with the procedures foreseen for the realization of company objectives.

The processes of an organization are the whole of its activities correlated among themselves for furnishing goods and services in an  efficient manner.  If, for various reasons, the processes cease to respond to this goal they become the reason for inefficiency and problems.


We have over10 years of experience in the management of processes.


With mapping  we individualize the processes actually effected and evidence the relationships among them (Model of the processes). Moreover,  we indicate the correlations among the processes and the Functions involved (Map of Processes-Functions) and those among the processes and the objectives of the organization (Map of Processes-Objectives).


Finally,  we evidence the  opportunities for improvement in order to render the procedures more functional and for eventual modifications of the practices being used.


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