Mobility Management

18 october 2013

According to a study of the International Union of Public Transportations, the costs for Europe are related to urban mobility ( congestion, contaminated air, traffic
accidents, and amount to circa 560 billion Euro and part of these directly impact the productivity of an enterprise.

Mobility Management concerns the efficient transportation of persons and merchandise. It responds to regulatory obligations, but also to the exigencies of a financial, social and environmental nature.


For almost 10 years we have occupied this theme, offering  4 principal types of services, among which,  integrally:


  • support in the preparation of Plans for Moving from Home to Work (in accordance with Ministerial Decree 27/03/1998, “ Ronchi Decree”);
  • optimizing of the logics of business travel, referable both to movements of persons and merchandise, with consequent financial and environmental benefits;
  • support in the process of accounting for  emissions of CO2 deriving from the movements of persons and merchandise;
  • diffusion of the culture of mobility within  the organization.


Related  services: mappings, analyses and improvements  of processes, reporting, monitoring and management of GHG emissions, sustainability culture