Monitoring and management of GHG emissions

18 october 2013

According to Eurobarometro, more than two Europeans out of three consider climate change a very serious problem and almost 80% retain that the adoption of measures geared to combat it can give an impulse to the economy and occupation. In 2006 the Stern report estimated the damages to the global economy deriving from the increase in terrestrial temperature amounts to 20% of the world gross product. The monitoring of serra gas therefore is not the only theme that concerns enterprises .bound to the Kyoto Protocol ,but for all represents an opportunity to give an accounting of their commitment versus the environment and society.

From  2004  to date we have performed a total of circa 80 projects  for monitoring and the management  GHG  emissions( serra gas)


We support our clients both with respect to the limits and fulfillments imposed by the application or the Kyoto Protocol , be it in the identification of investment opportunities within the EU-ETS system.


The application of the  Kyoto Protocol  in fact involves obligations and opportunities for the companies that fall within the same. Obligations, in that the law imposes upon certain productive categories some limits on the  emission  of serra gas and requires a system of monitoring in order to respect the national and European regulations. Opportunity in that the mechanism  foreseen by the EU-ETS system  permit any organization to effect real and proper investments in the dynamics of exchange of quotas of CO2.


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