Prevention of relevant accidents

18 october 2013

In 3013 ISPRA noted 1142 plants in Italy that are susceptible to causing relevant accidentsi (RIR) subject to Decree Law 238/05. In four regions of North Italy, that is Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont, there are situated over 50% of the RIR plants present in the national territory and circa 9% in the other three regions. All of these enterprises need a specific Security Management System.

On the basis of Decree Law  334/99 ( "Seveso" Law) and the successive modifying  decree,  Decree Law  238/05, the companies exposed to  “relevant accident risks ” must realize a specific System for managing security to prevent such accidents. (“SGS for PIR”).


To date we have performed  circa 50 projects in this ambit in support  of companies of large dimensions and complexity.

thanks to highly specialized competences on this theme, we can support clients:

  • in the realization of Management Systems, in conformity with Ministerial Decree of  9 August 2000, to the UNI 10617 Regulation and to the APAT Guideline, as well as taking into account all of the other references on this matter;
  • on the activities for the maintenance of the Management System, such as, for example, revision and updating of procedures and manual, audits, registration and monitoring of the  System, Re-examination of the Policy.

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