18 october 2013

More than 80% of the first 100 Italian enterprises by revenues present a report on sustainability. In 2008 they were less than 60%. This trend is ascribable to the pressures of the stakeholders and the exigency of the enterprises to give value to their rendering of sustainability

During the course of the years  we have realized  more than  120 sustainability reports.

We support our clients in the projection and conduct  of  the  reporting activity in accordance with  the  principal national and international guidelines  by proposing original and personalized solutions.

To respond to specific exigencies,  we created and realized report themes  concentrating  on issues   such as: quality of waters, hydraulic imprints ,wastes , allocation of sanitary expenses.   


Moreover, we have matured a significant experience in the enhancement of the contents of reports by projecting  communication plans or realizing videos, info-graphics and  web sites.