RGA, selected by GRI as the only GRI certified training partner in Italy

15 july 2014

165 reports and over 40 other projects on stakeholder engagement are the numbers that have induced the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to select RGA as the only Italian firm authorized to organize GRI certificate courses.
RGA, selected by GRI as the only GRI certified training partner in Italy

The course is structured around 2 days of full time participation, finalized in offering to the participants all of the knowledge necessary to manage the process of elaboration of the sustainability report perfectly in line with the provisions of the G4’s.


The courses permit, through discussion and sharing of numerous case studies, to train the participants on the application of the new GRI (G4) Guidelines, on the most efficacious modalities for communicating the contents of the report outsides of the organization, as well as a study in depth of the instruments most suitable for the involvement of the stakeholders.  

The theoretical part is interspersed with exercises in the meeting rooms, simulations, and work groups.

Participants are given the opportunity to express their own experiences with the objectives of fueling the debate among the participants.

  1. The participants in the course are various: persons who operate within the CSR functions and Corporate Sustainability, Communication, Marketing and in general those engaged in the processes of communication and reporting of the sustainability on behalf of private companies, non-profit associations, public institutions and local administrations, universities  and research entities.

Why pursue a GRI certificate course?

  1. The course is planned by the same entity that has developed the guidelines; therefore it is the most efficacious instrument for understanding in depth the contents and the undertones present within the guidelines.

  2. The contents are selected by GRI who verifies the adhesion of the course to the proposed contents, through questionnaires and third party observers.

  3. There are presented local case studies that are validated and approved by GRI.

  4. An attestation of attendance at the course is directly given by GRI.

  5. GRI collects feedback from participants in the course for the purpose of activating a process of continuous improvement. To date the course has been given to over 18,000 participants from whom it has been possible to indentify points for improvement.       

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