Studies and research

18 october 2013

The relationship between sustainability and financial returns is not to be taken for granted; for this reason we are active in the research applicable at defining the conditions of efficiency in the strategies of sustainability applied to private, public and non-profit sectors.

From 2004 to date we have performer diverse researches , both for the account of clients and for our activity.


For our clients  we worked on the allocation of sanitary resources  on the basis of financial, social and environmental  criteria; we examined the sustainability of sports events and supported the use of sustainable public funds.

Among  the first in Italy, we concerned ourselves with the measuring of the return on investments in the community, utilizing a methodology inspired by the SROI ( Social Return on Investment).


Being our initiative for many years, we monitor the relationship between sustainability and competiveness of enterprises  and we analyze the evolution of communications  in terms of responsibility. We have, moreover, devised  a rating protocol for evaluating sustainability in relation to the use of ICT technology.