Sustainability Culture

18 october 2013

Recent studies conducted at Harvard demonstrate that without a diffused culture of sustainability within an organization even the best CSR instruments are insufficient to obtain the results of the services, with consequent loss of time and resources.

We have developed  an approach for favoring the diffusion of the sustainability culture, articulated in three phases:


  • measuring   the present status of the sustainability culture of the company;
  • involving  the management in order to understand the level of sustainability to be achieved and the people of the company to learn of their expectations;
  • identifying  objectives and targets  and prepare the consequent plan of action.


From the projects realized (since  2009 of  circa 20)  we have been able to note that the diffusion of the culture of sustainability  is preliminary to the definition of  strategies of sustainability and of  communication and render more efficacy to instruments  such as the report on sustainability.


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