The RGA team accelerates its growth

07 july 2014

It is with much enthusiasm and emotion that I wish to announce the start of a new phase of development of RGA and its personnel at an international level. Since June 19, the acquisition of our firm by the EY network has been accomplished to give life to a new reality that operates consequently with a double brand, RGA & EY, not only in Italy but also in Spain and Portugal.
The RGA team accelerates its growth

This group of 60 consultants, whom I will have the task to direct, will constitute the CCaSS Division (Climate Change and Sustainability Services) of the Mediterranean Region and will operate in all of those areas and countries in which we already serve our Italian clients, also for example, New York City, Dubai and Romania.   


This operation is an important step for the RGA team because it projects definitively its operations on an international scale in sharing with its foreign clients the solutions and the opportunities developed with success in Italy with our most prestigious and historic clients. The entrance of EY significantly facilitates this process and contributes, at the same time, to further the positioning of the same for EY in the sustainability sector. There will be operating, therefore, a team that is already today among the largest and most qualified not only in Italy but in all of Europe and is structured to grow in a significant manner across both the development of its personnel and acquisitions of structures with elevated potential that already operate with success in the market.  All of this without renouncing, obviously, to the quality and the capacity of our solutions for responding rapidly to the exigencies that come from the market and strengthen, thanks to networking action, the traditional standards of excellence and professionalism that have represented the success of RGA in the consulting market during the past ten years.